Magnesium Body wash, Sports Spray, Night Cream


Karma Rub, is a topical magnesium range & is applied to the skin and readily absorbed within minutes.

Magnesium is a mineral required by over 300 enzymatic functions within the human body.

Karma Rub can have positive affects on the body when applied regularly, improving overall health. The recommended daily intake is between 400–420 mg per day for men and 310–320 mg per day for women, this can sometimes be challenging to meet if you're not supplementing additional topical magnesium in to your daily routine. 

Karma Rub is a great way to add additional magnesium into your routine!

Sports Spray

Exerting energy, whilst playing sport, reduces and burns through the body’s natural magnesium levels. 

Physically recover faster and stronger. 

  • Spray on as is needed
  • Let soak in naturally
  • Do not massage in unless mixed with a carrier oil.

It will soak in within a few minutes

Karma Rub Body Wash

Our all natural body wash is designed to infuse the body with magnesium and clean the skin by acting as a mild exfoliate.

Our body wash will leave your skin feeling clean, replenished with magnesium and above all soft.

Infused with lavender essential oils it will also have a calming effect on your mind and your body.

Night Creme

Our all natural magnesium based night cream can be used body wide for application on dry skin, sore, tired or cramping muscles and stress. 

Best used before bed, our lavender scented cream is designed to help generate a deep sleep whilst rejuvenating the skin with Vitamin E and magnesium.

Karma Rub Night Cream does not use synthetic fillers for thickening agents and may appear more like a lotion than a cream. Designed to spread evenly and quickly, a small amount is all you need to use to cover body areas at your leisure.

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