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Benefits of becoming a Karma Rub wholesaler.

We offer great competitive wholesale prices. 

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  • As a potential stockist of Karma Rub we want you to trial one box each of the 15ml, 45ml, 100ml, 3 x 500ml Body Wash. 3 x 100g Cream 6 x Sports Spray on a Trial Basis.
  • If you sell, then you pay, if you wish to return at any time please do so within 90 days.
  • Your invoice sent with the trial box will be credited with what ever product you return
  • We want to send you an invoice with the Trial Boxes so we can keep track of the trial box offers in our systems.
  • This invoice will have 90 day terms.
  • This invoice under the term “Reference “ on the invoice will carry the words “Trial Boxes”
  • You will automatically become a Karma Rub stockist. We market through social media extensively.
  • This directs peoples to our stockists list
  • You agree with terms and conditions by ticking the terms and conditions before anything further happens
Please email accounts@karmarub.com to register your interest in becoming a stockist of Karma Rub. 
We look forward to hearing from you.