Karma Rub is 100% natural & all Australian. 

In its raw form Karma Rub is highly concentrated with a high percentage of magnesium and many trace elements including zinc, iron, copper, potassium & calcium.  

What can you expect from Karma Rub?

The body readily absorbs Karma Rub through the skin within a couple of minutes. Smearing it directly onto the desired area may assist in soothing and softening the skin while relaxing and increasing your body's vital minerals - naturally.  If you have sensitive skin please test Karma Rub before smearing it everywhere on the back of your hand 4 drops will cover it.


Your body will FEEL the DIFFERENCE! 

How to use Karma Rub Natural 

  1. 4 drops of Karma Rub will cover a foot, the lower half of your back or both hands. Smear Karma Rub onto skin and let it soak in. 
  2. Place 1/4 cup in a warm bath & soak your entire body for as long as desired. 
  3. For body massage; mix a teaspoon of Karma Rub with a tablespoon of body butter and massage till your heart's content.
  4. Rub 4 drops on the soles of your feet & lower back 10 minutes before bed to for deep relaxation before sleeping.
  5. Use 2 drops to smear onto temples & necks to soften skin and help relieve stress.
  6. Karma Rub does not stain clothes; after 10 minutes you could wipe skin with damp cloth as Karma Rub can leave a fine layer of salt after it has been absorbed. 
  7. Use Karma Rub as often as desired. 

Where can I buy Karma Rub? 

  • You can buy online from this website.
  • Visit our Stockists page for our list of retailers that stock Karma Rub products.

Want to sell Karma Rub products?

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Absorption rate

Approximately 5 minutes to absorb through the dermis layer of skin. Wipe off any additional salt residue with a cloth. 


We ship through Australia post, packages will arrive within 5-10 business days once shipped. 

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Karma Rub liquid magnesium has 1 drop of Lemon Myrtle oil for scent in the 15-45ml . 2 drops in the 100ml, 4 drops in the 250ml, 10 drops in 1litre bottles.