How to use Karma Rub

Apply 3-4 drops at a time of Karma Rub and smear onto the skin when needed. Wait a few minutes for it to absorb. If you feel a tingle sensation it may indicate you're low in magnesium in that area. If you have highly sensitive skin you can mix Karma Rub with a carrier oil or cream for application. 

1/4 of a cup of Karma Rub can also be poured directly into a foot tub for a foot soak or the bath tub for a relaxing warm soak. 

Your body will FEEL the DIFFERENCE! 

Absorption rate

Approximately 5 minutes to absorb through the dermis layer of skin. Wipe off any additional salt residue with a cloth. 


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Karma Rub liquid magnesium has 1 drop of Lemon Myrtle oil for scent in the 15-45ml . 2 drops in the 100ml, 4 drops in the 250ml, 10 drops in 1litre bottles. 



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