250ml liquid magnesium


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Karma Rub, a topical magnesium is applied to the skin and readily absorbed within minutes. Or add 1/4 cup to your bath or foot soak and experience the difference! 

Magnesium is required by over 300 enzymatic functions within the human body. 

Relax, Restore and Rejuvenate your body with Karma Rub.

Magnesium can have positive affects on the body when topically applied. The recommended daily intake of magnesium is between 

400–420 mg per day for men and 310–320 mg per day for women 

Whilst magnesium rich foods such as spinach & pumpkin seeds are required by the body to maintain its healthy function, applying topical magnesium directly to areas where the body requires it, is the fastest way for your body to absorb magnesium. 

A great way to add additional magnesium into your routine!

Your body will FEEL the DIFFERENCE! 

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